To order Site Directory Submission you must complete these two steps

You will have the following packages to choose from:

Submission of your site to 500 directories - $19.95


Submission of your site to 1000 directories - $29.95

1. Complete this site information form and hit Submit. Step two will follow.

The category options are very important for the submission. The we accept 4 category options while submitting to a directory. Please carefully input the category names, since this will make the submission to a directory successful or not.

Category Option 1: This shall be the exact deep category you wanted. When found in a directory this will be where your link is placed

Category Option 2: If the first deep category option not found, we will search for this one as backup. When found in a directory, we will not search for the rest of the category options.

Category Option 3: in case a directory doesn't have second level category, this is the first choice of main category to submit to; if found, we willl not search for category option 4.

Category Option 4: if the first main category not existed, we will search for this category option; If all the above are not found, we will will search for categories like other, miscellaneous, etc; If still not found, we will randomly choose a category to submit to.

Hint : please input the category names as simple as possible to increase the chance of finding a matched category. Example 1: If you input "beauty", we will select any category names including "beauty" as a matched one, for example, "beauty products", "beauty salon", etc; Example 2: If you input "marketing and advertising ", we will not select "marketing" as a matched one.